Swimming Pool Installations

Considering installing a swimming pool in your French garden?

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Are you considering installing an in-ground swimming pool to complement your outside living space or maybe an above ground pool in a sunny part of your French garden. Or do you have an existing swimming pool which you would like to renovate. In conjunction with other local registered companies, we can offer an initial consultation to provide advice on the positioning of your pool and suitable locations for the pump house and discuss the different types of pools available from local suppliers, assistance with applying and obtaining your required swimming pool planning permission and provide full excavation of your site and installation of your desired swimming pool.

Using our experiences, skills and knowledge we are also able to offer the finishing of your swimming pool surround should you wish to complete your pool project at the same time without the need to wait. This includes the excavation, formwork and new screed with rebar and/or fibres and movement joints to the required depth suitable for tiling or slabbing once the concrete has cured. By also including the use of decoupling membrane as a sub-base along with the movement joints this can assist with the reduction of visable cracking of your newly tiled pool surround. Bespoke walk in steps can be included.

Contact us for more information and to arrange a site visit to discuss your projects in depth.

Poly block pool construction


Screed completed around the pool

Bespoke walk in steps

Main pool terrace screed curing

Bespoke walk in pool steps and screed pool surround, curing ready for the tiling and Margelles.

Pool surrounds can be created to your desired width, to accommodate the sunniest positions of your pool area and to suit your budget.

Margelles cut and installed

Pool surround being installed

Site Excavated ready for base preparation


Walls built with skimmers and jets positioned

Base prepared ready for slab to be poured


Slab poured and wall construction in progress


Pool Surround completed in sections ready for the screed

Pool Surround screed in sections with movement joints and fibres